Frequently Asked Questions

(and some not so frequently asked but super important)

Boss Building Brokers

We’re your one-stop-shop for building a new home in Perth. Our services are
designed to guide you throughout the whole “building journey”, from land, finance,
pre-start, settlement and construction.

It’s not our first rodeo. You can expect a fully custom experience, including whatever
you need included, and nothing you don’t.

Our services include helping you find the right block of land, designing custom floor
plans for a home that suits your lifestyle, decoding building contracts, pre-start
preparation, and support all the way to key handover.

You’ll probably want to build another home when the first one’s done… just sayin’

Definitely. Finding the right block of land for you determines how the rest of your build plays out & affects design and budgets.

We work with you to figure out the best location, be realistic about your budget & secure the land at the best price possible.

Sure can. If you don’t have a finance broker or a settlement agent, we’ve got a few that we *highly* recommend (and have worked well with in the past).

Certainly can. We work with a range of builders (all pre-vetted to the best of our abilities) who offer different styles, designs & price ranges. We’ll work together to figure out who’s the right fit for your home.

You’ll find us at 138/2 Signal Terrace, Cockburn Central (or the cafe next door…).

9 Secrets you NEED to know before building your new home

Thinking about starting the journey to building your dream home? Hold. Your. Horses.

This “insider’s guide” exposes the building industry secrets you NEED to know before taking the plunge.

From decoding builder’s clever (read: sneaky) marketing tactics to avoiding pricey upgrade traps and structural change nightmares. This no-nonsense guide pulls back the curtains on what really goes on behind the scenes (and right under your nose).

Ready to stop paying someone else’s mortgage & get into your own home quicker?

We’re the building brokers for you