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It’s time to simplify the new home building process & make those floor plan fantasies your reality

You’ve daydreamed about building your dream home for aaaages. The chef's kitchen you actually want to cook in. That jaw-dropping master (with double walk-ins) you can’t wait to Netflix & chill in.

Shoebox rental living might have been cute… once. But now, visions of weekend BBQs with your mates and movie nights in an actual home theatre are swirling in your head.

You’re ready.

The only problem? The “building a new home” part sounds as appealing as spending a weekend stuck in IKEA. Horror stories about dodgy builders, confusing paperwork and enough hidden costs to make your bank account ugly cry.

Suddenly, that dream home feels like the never-ending nightmare that just keeps giving.

We know, we’ve been there. And now… we’re here.

Making sure building your new home is a reason to celebrate
(not the topic of your next therapy session)

Meeting Jaimi at Boss Building Brokers has changed our life forever! From our first chat over the phone, to recently our slab picnic and celebration, we couldn’t have had a better experience.

Jaimi truly cares about all of her clients and is invested in supporting them through the building process every step of the way. You can see this in the way she custom designs a house plan specific to your needs and wants, to advocating for you when corresponding with your builder and her overall knowledge of the industry. Jaimi’s personal touch on each milestone makes our day! We would recommend Jaimi to all of our friends and family if they were looking to build, you’ll always benefit from having her by your side!

Ash & Jarod

Started the building journey and I had done my research and still felt unsure and scared to take the first step.

I reached out to Jaimi to see if it was even a possibility to even build by myself. She helped me through all of the steps from finding a block of land and the right builder, to securing finance and ensuring I’m getting the best price for my build.

Honestly couldn’t recommend Jaimi enough, I would build a second house with her tomorrow if I could afford it!!


We have had the most amazing experience working with and being supported by Jaimi from Boss Building Brokers. We are building our first home and had absolutely no idea how to liaise with property consultants nor did we have any understanding of building a home!! Jaimi has supported us every step of the way, providing every single little piece of information we needed, finding the perfect builder, negotiating, advocating and guiding us every step of they way.

Jaimi’s expertise and unwavering dedication made the process of building our first home seamless. Jaimi is more than just a Boss Broker, she is so invested in you building your dream home, she becomes a friend, thanks to Jaimi and Maddie, we couldn’t have done it without you!!

Katie & H

Absolutely could not recommend Jaimi ENOUGH!! not only has she been a "Boss" Building Broker, she has been our biggest support through the ENTIRE process so far. Jaimi has and continues to go above and beyond in every aspect and we would be absolutely lost without Jaimi. If your thinking about building DO IT and do it through Jaimi! JAIMI YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Thankyou so much for everything you have done, we cant wait to continue working with you!!!

Chloe & Mike

We’re your official building industry insider with zero ties to any builders, land agents, banks or third-parties, working just for you – I guess you could say, you’re the boss.

So yeah, that urge to call us? It’s totally justified.

Manage your new home build from start (pre-construction), through to middle (construction), and alllll the way to the end (handover)

Understand building costs, be realistic about your finance budget & crunch the numbers so you feel confident

Basically, we’re here to make building your dream home fun and as stress-free as can be. No more feeling lost in confusing paperwork or wondering “is that builder the right fit for our home? (and are they actually qualified?!)”.

Kiss goodbye to navigating the building process on your own. We’re here every step of the way. Helping you:

What’s a building broker & why do we have the sudden urge to book a call immediately after reading this…?


Find land that fits your lifestyle & location (whether you’re a weekend warrior craving bike paths & backyard BBQs or a self-proclaimed caffeine fiend looking for your new brunch spot)

Find the perfect builder (pre-vetted so you can skip the awkward coffee dates with unreliable sales reps)

Custom design your dream home (forget cookie-cutter, your custom designed, lifestyle-approved floor plan is on us)

Avoid expensive mistakes & budget blow-outs along the way (guaranteed)

I’m Jaimi & this is the Boss Building dream team


That’s ~how long it took me to build my first home (without knowing what I know now). Tossing up between building or buying established, spending hours every weekend doing the Tour de display home.

Until late 2019, when I finally discovered “building brokers” were a thing (thankfully).

But it’s not just me who struggled building their first home. Most of our team’s been in the exact same position - wasting countless hours, spending way too much money and trying to translate building jargon on their own to make sure they’re not signing their entire life savings away...

Safe to say we’ve all learnt a thing or two (the hard way) and now we’re making sure you don’t make the same mistakes we did.

So, are you ready to meet the dream team?

18 months, 547 days, 13,128 hours… spent stressing over budgets & builders.

9 Secrets you NEED to know before building your new home

Thinking about starting the journey to building your dream home? Hold. Your. Horses.

This “insider’s guide” exposes the building industry secrets you NEED to know before taking the plunge.

From decoding builder’s clever (read: sneaky) marketing tactics to avoiding pricey upgrade traps and structural change nightmares. This no-nonsense guide pulls back the curtains on what really goes on behind the scenes (and right under your nose).

Not your average home building podcast.

Join me, Jaimi (your go-to building broker) and expert guests drop the building (and finance, and design) industry's best kept secrets, get insider tips & tricks and hear from some of our happy homie’s about their home building journey.

Whether you’re a first time buyer or ready for an upgrade, this is your guide to building with ease & excitement.

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