Your fun & stress-free home building journey starts here (and overwhelm isn’t invited)


Supporting singles, young couples & first home builders (like you) through the home building process so you can finally stop paying your landlord’s mortgage & get into your dream home, faster

It’s no secret that building a house can be… confusing.

Whether you’ve got some idea, or no idea at all, if you’re anything like me, you just want someone to do the hard work FOR you.

Between deciphering mind-numbing contracts, sifting through endless piles of paperwork and being trusted to make real life adult decisions (like how many powerpoints is too many?), the process can quickly turn into a hot mess.

(Especially if you’re in the “no idea” camp)

But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? Because building a house should be exciting, not the topic of your next therapy session. It should be built around your lifestyle and grow with your needs (not cramp your style).

And if you’ve already spent hours googling and Pinteresting before you got here, you can stop…


We’ve guided hundreds of couples, singles & first-time home builders through every step of your journey (from finding land, arranging finance, preparing for pre-start, settlement, construction & everything in between), to new home ownership (complete with epic home designs, A-list builders & no budget blow-outs obvs).

It’s kind of our thing.

So if you’re ready to stop paying someone else’s mortgage and build your new home quicker & easier, don’t be shy. Book a free call & let’s see where you’re at & where you’re going.

Not all builders are created equal (ain’t that the truth). We only connect you with *reputable* (pre-vetted by us, obvs) builders who we know will understand your vision and your budget - promise!


GREAT news… that’s literally our job

Unlimited WhatsApp support* & cheeky milestone celebrations throughout your entire build.
*Communication via gifs, highly encouraged. Would something about project management work well here?


Our motto: Every home we bring to life has been specially designed to reflect our homies lifestyle, needs (and wants) so you get to enjoy it for longer.


If you’re looking for (your new hype crew):

Jaimi truly cares about all of her clients and is invested in supporting them through the building process every step of the way. You can see this in the way she custom designs a house plan specific to your needs and wants, to advocating for you when corresponding with your builder and her overall knowledge of the industry. Jaimi’s personal touch on each milestone makes our day! We would recommend Jaimi to all of our friends and family if they were looking to build, you’ll always benefit from having her by your side!

Ash & Jarod

Meeting Jaimi at Boss Building Brokers has changed our life forever! From our first chat over the phone, to recently our slab picnic and celebration, we couldn’t have had a better experience

Their knowledge and guidance helped for an easy building experience. From land hunting to house design to interior design to budget and finance. They did it all. 100% recommend Boss Building Brokers if you’re wanting to build your forever home.

Best building brokers in Perth! 💯 we are currently on our first build, Jaimi & Maddie are huge help in finding our build a pleasant and amazing journey! Everything seems easier with them on our side. All hard work was done by them from looking for land, to which builder to
build with, as well as prestart variations prep and so much more.
Thank you so much ladies!!!

Chloe & Ethan

Could not have done it without the help of these ladies!! Outstanding. From beginning to end. I had a million questions and they happily
answered all million.

We found out about her from friends who had previously used her in the past so we decided to give her a crack and we can honestly say we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have without her skills and expertise on our side. The building industry is very “smoke and mirrors” but with Jaimi our experience was nothing short of upfront and honest.

Flick her a message like we did I bet ya won’t regret it .

Trin & Jenna

Jaimi at boss building brokers has been an absolute pleasure to work with, she has helped us navigate at every stage of our building journey.

Jaimi started with helping us find our block and creating an ideal first home with everything we wanted. Without Jaimi and Maddi’s help through this whole process we would’ve been completely lost. After multiple meetings and a lot of hand holding they helped us grasp the concept of every step and what to expect. Jaimi helped us comprehend every aspect of building as well as creating a team atmosphere with her backing us every step of the way. Any question, query or nervous moment Jaimi was there to reassure us and help! Jaimi helped us find our ideal builder which allowed us to come up with. what we wanted including our own custom design. I’m convinced
there’s nobody better at what they do than the Boss Building team.

Ross & Kasey

First of all you guys are incredible and I cannot reccomend you enough to anyone looking at building their home whether it be your first or 10th.

I reached out to Jaimi to see if it was even a possibility to even build by myself. She helped me through all of the steps from finding a block of land and the right builder, to securing finance and ensuring I’m getting
the best price for my build.

Honestly couldn’t recommend Jaimi enough, I would build a second house with her tomorrow if I could afford it!!


Started the building journey and I had done my research and still felt unsure and scared to take the first step.

We have a beautiful design that she’s done for us and she helped us find our amazing builders who work so well for us! Jaimi won’t find you the cheapest builder, she’ll find one that will work with you and have the best options for you, which to me is the best part.
Every change and every step of the way through pre construction she’s been there answering all our questions and directing us to who knows the answers when she doesn’t. I honestly think we’d have meltdowns and given up on our dream home build if it wasn’t for Jaimi. Honestly it was a small price to pay for peace of mind throughout this process, she had our backs always and never once left us feeling unsupported! I recommend her to everyone who will listen!

Jamee-Lee & Aiden

Jaimi has been amazing for us! We started this not knowing if we could get everything we wanted within our price range and she managed to take all of our wants and needs and give them to us!



As soon as your home design & builder are locked in, your mortgage broker will help you finalise your finance, and get formal approval & settlement in place.

But this isn’t the last you’ll hear from us (sorry, not sorry). You’ve got support & Whatsapp access to us until the keys to your brand new home are in your hands (aka key handover day).


One of the many perks of working with us - you get access to a FREE pre-start prep consult with Maddie (our interior designer & pre-start consultant) so you go into your builder’s pre-start meeting 100% prepared & confident.


We’ll chat all things where you’re at, what you want & figure out if we’re the building broker to make it happen. If it’s a big fat yaaaas, a mortgage broker will check whether you’re eligible for a home loan & give you an idea of your build budget.(don’t stress, if you’re not eligible just yet, we’ll help set you up with an action plan to get you there!)


An in-person meet & greet to run through all things building process & how we do things better. You’ll leave feeling relieved & ready once you see how stress-free we make it.


You sit back, we’ll handle this. From working out sitework costs & negotiating with land agents, we’re in the business of locking in the best deal possible (so you can spend your hard earned cash on more exciting things - like those upgrades you’ll make at prestart?


AKA the fun part! You’re guaranteed to love the design of your new home with a custom floor plan designed just. for. you. Her & more her walk-in robes, luxurious day spa-esque
ensuite, servery windows, workshops, wine cellars. You name it, we’ll make it happen. And with access to Perth’s *best* builders, we’ll find the perfect one for your home style & budget.

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