I’m Jaimi & this is the Boss Building dream team


That’s ~how long it took me to build my first home (without knowing what I know now). Tossing up between building or buying established, spending hours every weekend doing the Tour de display home.

Until late 2019, when I finally discovered “building brokers” were a thing (thankfully).

But it’s not just me who struggled building their first home. Most of our team’s been in the exact same position - wasting countless hours, spending way too much money and trying to translate building jargon on their own to make sure they’re not signing their entire life savings away...

Safe to say we’ve all learnt a thing or two (the hard way) and now we’re making sure you don’t make the same mistakes we did.

So, are you ready to meet the dream team?

18 months, 547 days, 13,128 hours… spent stressing over budgets & builders.