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For anyone new and considering building a new home: I would highly recommend listening to this podcast! Every info is gold to me, makes the overwhelming mine of purchasing and building your dream home be bite-sizeable step by step. Whilst building, i have listened to her and makes the head scratch moment be a light bulb one. I have recommended jaimi to my bro and neighbour who's thinking of building their home. My greatest regret was wishing i found jaimi early in our building process. thank you once again for your expertise jaimi and for answering my questions over the phone. Its appreciated.

Jenn and Nicko

Lots of value!!!

If you are thinking of building or buying or just not to sure where to start, highly recommend listening to Jaimi’s podcast, so much useful information for whichever stage of the journey you are on, honestly so glad I stumbled across it!


Worth Listening To!

This podcast is such a good cause to help people with building their house and navigating around this. Jaimi and her business is nothing short of amazing and the fact that this podcast was created to share all the tricks, tips and warnings when building is genius. You do not want to miss an episode on this if you are thinking if building or just want to keep up with the building and the market.


Amazing podcast!!

   In this podcast Jaimi will take you through some of the standard first home builder questions and concerns we all have and help you understand some of the process before starting your building journey. 
    Jaimi is the absolute best; she has an absolute wealth of knowledge and this podcast is the perfect place for her to share it with everyone. Anyone looking to build should listen to this podcast and know if you become her client you will be soo well taken care of!



First Home Hero

Jaimi’s podcast Home Building Like A Boss, provides her listeners with bite sized educational conversations to help her audience better understand the building process. We have already learnt so much with her weekly episodes! It’s refreshing to hear a young woman in the industry explain the ins and outs of building and the questions you’re too shy to ask. Jaimi is incredibly knowledgeable and her episodes are invaluable! 🫶🏽


Breaking Down The Barriers of Building

Join me, Jaimi (your go-to building broker) and expert guests drop the building (and finance, and design) industry's best kept secrets, get insider tips & tricks.

You’ll also get to hear first hand from some of our happy homies about their home building journey – the before, the after and everything in between.

Whether you’re a first home buyer or ready for an upgrade, this is your guide to building with ease & excitement.

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This isn’t your average home building, finance or pre-start podcast

I’m Jaimi & this is the Boss Building dream team


That’s ~how long it took me to build my first home (without knowing what I know now).

Tossing up between building or buying established, spending hours every weekend doing the Tour de display home.

Until late 2019, when I finally discovered “building brokers” were a thing (thankfully) and the building process became so. much. easier.

Now, I’m introducing you to some of the leading building industry experts (and some of our own happy homies), who’ll be spilling industry secrets, time & money saving hacks, and things they learnt while building their homes.

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